Prize contests

New in 2018 is the addition of some nice prize contests. In addition to the announcement of these contests via our website and social media channels, you can also find them on the Christmas Market Municipal Cave itself. Do you want a chance to win some nice prizes? Read below which prize contests will take place and how you can participate!

Good luck!                

1. Prize-contest 'Christmas word'

Only available in Dutch. More information (in dutch): read more 

2. Prize-contest 'Photo-setting Greetings from Valkenburg aan de Geul'

When you visit the Christmas Market Municipal Cave, you can find the 'Greetings from Valkenburg’ photo-setting in one of the side paths. This is a photo wall with all sorts of iconic places that you will find in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul. Take a photo  in front of this photo-setting and join the contest by uploading your photo in the form on the prize contest page. Read more on the prize contest page.